Agent version 0.31 is released!


Long time no see, huh?

Agent version 0.31 is released!:

The saves from ver. 0.3 should work with this version.

VR missions require 100% of current hentai content to be unlocked (naturally or by using cheats).

Full changelog (0.31):


• Stage 3.1 (Sigolla) and Stage 3.2 (Caron);

• 2 HCGs (Kira x Upgraded Female Thug and Ming gameover scene);

• 18 sex animations;

• 4 new guns;

• Remotely-controlled charges;

• Caron and Caron x Kira decoy device;

Fixed bugs/improvements:

• The game engine was updated from old Unity 5.6.6 to modern 2019.3. Please install .NET Framework Runtime 4 or newer if you’re using Windows 7;

• Fixed an issue with spawning the wrong animation for Ming on Stage 3;

• New post-processing tweaks for the levels;

• Updated some textures for VN rooms;

• Watching the VN scene with Sigolla in CC will give five decoy devices instead of one, the same goes for Caron’s scene;

• Post-processing will not be turned off for mobile and Low settings (for now);

• Backgrounds for chapters 4 and 5 were added into the gallery;

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Stay tuned for updates!

Agent version 0.3 is released!


Kept you waiting, huh?

Agent version 0.3 is released!:

VR missions require 100% of current hentai content to be unlocked (naturally or by using cheats).


Full changelog (0.3):


• Stage 3 (Ming);

• VR Missions: Arena and Random VR mission for Kira;

• 1 HCG (Joanna x tentacles);

• 6 sex animations (Ming);

• Night vision upgrade;

• Teleporter gun;

• Ming distraction device;


Fixed bugs/improvements:

• Added CC dialogue entries to Joanna for her route to get her first scene;

• Added tiled textures to surrounding meshes of each level instead of grey boxes;

• Updated the explosions for grenades, robotic enemies, and barrels;

• Updated some decorations in some cutscenes;

• Fixed S-Bot animation glitch when the save with neutralized S-Bot is loaded;

• Fixed hacking minigame not using the bottom lane for generating signals;

• Settings: “Male voice volume for sex scenes” slider will affect VN sex scenes, too (Riley scene, for example);

• Settings: Added info about VR missions to the Help tab;

• Settings: More tabs were added to get more space for UI. There will be custom controls in the future, so we need more space in the Settings menu for them.


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Stay tuned for updates!

Agent version 0.22 is released!


Version 0.22 is released for Agents!

Full changelog (0.22):


  • 1 HCG (Riley x Thomas + Mateo);
  • 9 sex animations (Ming);

Fixed bugs/improvements:

  • Added CC dialogue entries to Riley and Mateo that will lead to Holojack/Riley route and allow to get the first sex scene with Riley;
  • Added Stage 3 background to the gallery;
  • Lighting settings will work differently a little bit for each chosen background in the gallery;
  • Fixed several minor issues in Russian localization;

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Stay tuned for updates, thanks for your patience!

Public demo is updated to ver. 0.215


Hey guys!

Version 0.215 is available for the public!

Check our Free public demo download page!

It’s strongly recommended to start the game from the very beginning due to the modification of saving progress code. Some old saves from v. 0.21 may work, but they will not be stable.

Full changelog (0.215):


  • Stage 2 content available for the public;
  • The updated prologue with voiceover and auto-progress;

Fixed bugs/improvements:

  • Fixed a bug with losing mission completion data;
  • Fixed a bug with Caron’s scene playing all the time when visiting her with proper affection level;
  • Fixed Fat Thug HCG not unlocking after completing Stage 2.1/2.2/2.3;
  • Fixed a couple of broken lines of the first conversation with Ming;
  • Decreased the volume of all click sounds for UI to make it more ear-friendly;
  • The frequency of some voice commands for enemies was decreased to avoid spamming with voice commands too often;
  • Decreased the intensity of some spotlights on Stage 1 to make it look equally on Low and Medium graphics quality;
  • Android: Fixed missing Stage 1.1/1.2 scheme sprites in intros;
  • Fixed some level geometry for Stage 2 missions and SpiderBot’s stunning animation bug;
  • “Complete mission” button will remain in the cheats menu for possible rare emergency situations or crashes because it can help the player to repeat the walkthrough quickly.

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Stay tuned for updates, thanks for your patience!

Version 0.21 is released!


Hey guys!

Version 0.21 is available for our Agents!

Saves from the previous ver. 0.2a should be compatible with this version.

Changelog (v. 0.21)

• Stage 2.3 and 2.4;
• 1 HCG;
• 7 animations;
• 4 new upgrades;
• 11 music tracks;
• HoloJack minigame in CC (visit Crew Quarters with Mateo)

Fixed bugs/improvements:

• Overhaul of the game’s color correction and stylization, each scene has a more distinctive color correction that affects not only the scene but the characters/portraits, too. The characters better blend into the environment this way. You can still check “Ignore background color bonus” in the Settings if you want to keep in-game characters brighter. Color correction is not applied for the gallery animations and HCG viewer to provide more options for users;
• Auto-zoom during in-game sex scenes will automatically zoom out after the scene is finished. Also, the auto-zoom for sex scenes can be turned off in the Settings at all. You still can use the manual zoom if you want;
• Gameovers and VN sex scenes can be replayed with voiceover in the gallery menu under the “Memory” button, it replaced “Gameovers” button there;
• Major update to UI colors and more eye-friendly UI stylization. Screen post-effects are added for the damage with low HP, EMP, low energy, damage from gases, etc.;
• The player can walk through the enemies when having an invulnerable shield after the sex scene. Also, the player will fall through the enemies on the ground if she was stunned in the air. It decreases the number of “stunlock” situations significantly;
• Visual Tracking upgrade highlights pipes/cover objects/landmines/enemy turrets, the second tier of this upgrade highlights the pickable items’ zones, too.
• The player will take several types of falling damage depending on falling speed/height;
• The enemies can drag the player from the doorways if they touch the doorway during an alarm.
• Direct enemy touch to the player when hiding in the temporary box cover will cause the alarm for sure this time. It also will stop the player’s interaction with a body or pipe if the player was visible;
• Drawing order for enemies, player, and cover objects was set to the same drawing order as level geometry;
• Some changes were done to the main character animations;
• The corpses of enemies are affected by gravity now;
• The player will be able to perform takedowns to the enemies from behind while being in the doorways or in the invisible mode in some cases.
• Several firing modes were added, mostly for Agency’s weapons. Selecting the same equipped weapon in a quick access panel will change its current firing mode.
• New enemy traps: laser-detonated mines, motion detector detonators, automatic turrets, etc.;
• The issue with silencers/gun colors was fixed and there was a rifle silencer added as an option, too.
• Fixed missing current mission stats when loading the save;
• Fixed one bug that blocked the startup of the game when the player loaded the save with red keycard plot item;
• Fixed player’s resources UI update in CC after closing the weapon customization menu;
• Fixed blinking tooltip bug for Inventory/Upgrades windows;
• The usage of EMP will disable landmines/turrets for some time;
• The player’s HP/Energy will be restored at the start of each new mission from CC. Some re-balance was done to explosions, giving more randomness and possibility to survive, etc.
• The invisibility will not spend the energy during a cutscene;
• Destroyed robots will not be counted as kills, disabled robots via control centers will be counted as neutralizations;
• Some stage 2 enemies were re-balanced;
• Added some password hints for the last two terminals of Stage 1;
• Sigolla’s portrait was improved by making her a little bit more muscular;
• Some redundant level geometry was removed from the Stage 1 missions and some minor optimization was done to them, too.


Stay tuned for updates, thanks for your patience!

Agent ver. 0.2a is released!


Hey guys!

Version 0.2a is available for our Agents!

Saves from the previous ver. 0.135 are compatible with this version.

Full changelog (0.2a):


• Stage 2, 2.1 and 2.2;

• 1 Caron HCG (it requires at least 75 affection to be played);

• 6 sex animations;

• 3 new guns and 5 landmine types;

Fixed bugs/improvements:

• Fixed unstable horizontal jump control;

• +25% player walking/running animation speed;

• Enemy footsteps’ sounds are properly played now;

• Improved FlyBot’s AI for vertical movement;

• Added Stage 2 background to the animations gallery;

• Caron’s affection rules are improved: completing any mission without kills will provide a bonus to her affection;

• Stage 1.1 has simple explanatory cutscene at the start now;

• Added hint to the doorway in the tutorial.


Stay tuned for updates, thanks for your patience!

Public demo is updated to v. 0.135!


Hey guys!

I updated the public version of the game to v. 0.135! Check our Free public demo download page!

Full changelog (0.135):
Fixed bugs/improvements:
  • Major game size and performance optimization;
  • Jump height issue was fixed;
  • You can enable VSync in Settings to lock the framerate of the game on your device now, also you can disable the stealth bonus from the background, it may increase the performance of the game on some mobile devices. We don’t recommend using VSync if the performance of the game is okay on your device;
  • Enemy AI will react on barehanded attack damage, as well as it will call the friends for backup more often;
  • Decoy device will stabilize enemy AI awareness instead of raising it with each use;
  • HE grenade was nerfed;
  • Poison gas grenade will kill the enemies faster, but it can raise the alarm if the enemy awareness was raised enough;
  • Rendering order for bullets, grenades and their effects was corrected;
  • Receiving Kira x Sigolla device will unlock its scenes in the animation gallery without using the device first;
  • The updated information about takedowns was added into tutorial/help.
Stay tuned for updates, thanks for your patience!

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