That which does not kill us, makes us stronger

What’s up, people? I didn’t post for a while about what’s going on,  so let’s get straight to the point:

  • I lost my job again and that pushed me back in terms of development time again. Rule63MePlz suffered from a natural disaster, so we both were slowed down by these factors a lot;
  • Grimhelm created Patreon campaign for his new game and I encourage anyone who likes his demo to donate there. Let’s be honest, it’s worth it. If I find a job then probably I will donate there, too, but first things first;
  • ULMF forum which brought lots of people to this blog accidentally updated its forum engine and all previous links to ULMF don’t work now. I updated the link to BlackStar thread in website header, but if you have any links to any other game on ULMF – I guess it’s time to find its thread and update the link because old link will not work.

You probably noticed that blog cover was updated and it contains the name of our current project, so let me tell more about it:

Guilty Force is hybrid 2D/3D stealth-action platformer, set in semi-cyberpunk/semi-sci-fi universe. The year is 22XX, the humanity advanced outside the Earth already, but technology is still not so well-developed, so the colonies are only inside solar system. Some of them are run by corporations or partly run by corporations. Social inequality exists almost on any of these colonies, the reasons of it varies from one corporation and station to another corporation and station. The development of body implants was at its peak, but the best type of implant that was called ASD Implant (Agility, Strength, Durability) and it fit only to female bodies, unfortunately, because only female brain used it at full capability.

The player is a member of special female squad (the player has female companions with different proportions/skin color/sizes, we made some concept art of them, we may  include them to the first public demo, but I am not sure about delivering deadlines) that is equipped with ASD implants, which provide different skills and perks to each member.


I don’t want to hide that the project was heavily influenced by such games as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, recent Metal Gear Solid V and The Expanse TV series, but I also try to bring something new into it. I like fresh Blade Runner 2049 movie in terms of transmitting cyberpunk atmosphere, but it has the same problem for us as Ghost in the Shell – we have to make a hybrid time period between interstellar travel and “nearest future” period, so that’s it. Otherwise, lots of projects copy GITS or Blade Runner directly, so for us being an original will be good thing, too 🙂

There is inventory and upgrades system, though I still wonder should I introduce levels and stats or not, I don’t want to over-complicate it for the player and it will be a problem to balance that stuff, too, so it will be simple as it is in new Deus Ex games.

Its current work-in-progress state with temporary icon placeholders/designs/descriptions, which will be probably replaced/redrawn later, look like this:


Rule63MePlz and I work a lot in order to build the first level for public demo, implement some core mechanics like stealth/other stuff and character animations. The demo will be published then and we’ll analyze feedback again and correct some stuff for further development.

So that’s how it’s going 🙂



The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close up

Hi guys! There was a number of complaints after BlackStar v 0.28 was published, so I made new version with a number of bugfixes.

Version 0.29 is available here

Bugfix list:

  • Camera size was changed, you can switch it by using “Zoom” button, just as before. It really helps to perceive the game better, as well as to orient inside the level;
  • The number of enemies depends on difficulty level now. “Hard” difficulty contains the same number of enemies as ver. 0.28, “Medium” contains less traps and no large hordes of enemies, “Easy” mode will get you almost lonely, but maybe someone likes that, too. Remember that “Hard” mode means more damage from enemies, too.
  • Twice more checkpoints are done for Stage 1;
  • Added some direction arrows for Stage 1, though after changing camera size it’s much easier to understand where you are in the level now;
  • Dash can be performed in mid-air now;
  • Jumping has 2 different heights as it was planned (I like Quake 3 style jumping tricks, sorry), but it is much more stable and easy now than it was in ver. 0.28, there was some small physics bug in the code that made it unstable before;
  • Late trigger of force field after sex in Nympho mode was planned, but it irritated some players, so I removed that feature, because it created stun-lock too often;
  • If you don’t want to lose clothes after sex then it can be switched off in settings menu;
  • I didn’t manage to remove all problems with platforms’ edges collisions, but I remade colliders for all platforms/landscape into other shape and it occurs less often than it was in ver. 0.28.
  • If you stand on moving platform and then sex scene is triggered then it will be attached to the platform as it should be.


A friend of mine, Dr. Linch, released public beta of his project , if you like dark atmosphere and some detailed plot – it’s worth to check out, it still has some bugs, but great potential is definitely hidden there 🙂

P.S. There is frequent question why we can’t make sex animations with partly present clothing for Black Star. The answer is simple – Black Star contains about 1-2 hundred of sex scenes frames in total, so all of them have to be duplicated and hand-drawn for each missing clothing item (in other words, multiply it by 2 at least – missing skirt and missing blouse variants, for example). It’s too large job for us right now and we have other priorities such as our new project.

The King is dead, long live The King!

Hey guys, long time no see 🙂



So what happened since last post? Well, lots of stuff, good or bad – it’s difficult to say, so I will write it as point list.


  1. Rule63MePlz is my partner-artist now. We both still learn lots of stuff and he made huge contribution to Black Star and if I’d found him earlier then maybe the project looked even better than it looks now. Almost all Stage 2 assets were made or remade from scratch by him as well as lots of bullets effects and other stuff;
  2. BlackStar v028 demo is here
  3. It contains 2 stages and gallery/arena which is unlocked after you complete 2 stages. Arena is game mode that looks like Gears of War “Horde” mode with waves of enemies, also there are some monster types in Arena that were planned to appear in the next stages of the game, but they were placed to Arena, too. No hentai gameover CGs, sorry, spent lots of time on learning, but my level is still too low to put it into the actual game;
  4. Grimhelm is suddenly making new game. I don’t know what was the reason for him to wake up after these years, maybe this remake project, who knows xD Anyway, this fact changes a lot and I will explain why a little bit later in this post;


My initial plan was to make 2 stages demo, wait for feedback and then finish other 2-3 stages or the remake. The fact that Grimhelm is back and makes new game (which is probably in sci-fi setting and may feature the girl with probably the same type) makes the purpose of my work quite questionable now. Rule63MePlz and I both had some serious concerns about technical limitations that were put on us when we started using sprites from Dark Star and other old patch for it, as well as other things were changed, too.


We decided that we have to make our own new project from scratch, I don’t want to reveal much information about it until we finish public demo of it and show it to everybody, but for now I can tell for sure the following:

  1. It features other type of graphics and animations, I want to experiment with bone-based 2D animations and make the project well-animated. I watched tons of sprite-based hentai games with poorly-done animation last 2 years and it’s a pity to make the same mistake if you feel that you can’t deliver good quality using such animation type;
  2. The universe of the project is different from Black Star and it is written with more details than BS;
  3. The only thing from BS that this project will inherit is some small sub-systems code that performed well in Black Star – blood/cum effects system, some new-created bullet types, maybe resistance mechanics. Player controls and land-based enemies system will be remade from scratch, because even after countless nights of debugging there are still some minor bugs there and also gameplay focus is different;
  4. The genre of the project is platformer, but it has different gameplay mechanics than Black Star, as well as we make different graphics/sounds in order to avoid any copyright drama and because the project is totally different, too, of course.


What will happen to Black Star? Well, it will remain updated on this blog and we’ll make some small periodical bugfixes or maybe enhancements to Arena mode if we have some spare time apart of the main project, but no new content for its story, sorry. I wish Grimhelm good luck with his new game and I think that it will be more awesome than his previous 2 games, as well as any feedback for Black Star may be possibly taken into consideration by him if he reads my blog or ULMF thread, I hope.

Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman, rise and shine!

Hi guys. It’s been a while xD I apologize for missing communication with everyone, there were some personal events in my life that prevented me from working on this project since May-June 2016 and there was no progress till the end of October/November 2016. Speaking frankly, I had so much doubts about doing this stuff that I even considered converting it to shitty 2.5D platformer with stock 3D models from Daz3D, but then I admitted that despite loving high-quality 3D (like Mithos56 or Miconisomi), doing shitty 3D without proper quality is even worse for me than doing 2D platformer with bad quality. So I decided to continue my fight with art skills:) A friend of mine that helped me with initial animations for that remake is busy with making mods for other project and doesn’t want to continue remaking animations for this one, so I discovered that my Galaxy Note table with Samsung S-pen and an app called Infinite Painter can deliver interesting results, I’ll post some art WIPs in the future, maybe with proper art education which I’m working on now I’ll be able to add some HCGs to the game and then it would be awesome.

Regarding the game itself, when I started this project, I didn’t have any strict plan for its design, stages and etc. So now there are some outlines of what I would like to deliver:

  1. There will be 5 stages in full version of the remake. Maybe I’ll cut them to 4, but I would like to make fifth one because it concludes the plot logically (I played MGS V: PP recently and it really sucks when a good game doesn’t guide the player to the ending directly);
  2. I would like to spend some time on drawing CGs for game-overs, they will not be animated, just some pictures. If it will be possible to include some of them into the demo – that would be awesome;
  3. Demo will have 2 stages. I will gather some feedback after that again and then I’ll proceed directly to the end of the development of this remake;
  4. I acknowledge that some fetishes (like X-ray / egg laying / etc.) are not for everyone and final version of the remake will have an ability to toggle them off (ideally I’d like to make an ability to turn off ALL hentai features in order to convert this game to usual platformer, if needed, but implementing this option is much easier when whole game is finished and you know what places to disable).
  5. My level design policy is “we don’t force you to explore whole level in order to complete it, but you will miss some fun if you don’t”. For example, Stage 1 can be completed in several minutes if you take the fastest route, but full exploration with looking through plot events/decorations/alternate level routes and gathering weapon upgrades will take up to 10-15 minutes of gameplay. That’s what I missed in original Dark Star, because level design was relatively simple and straightforward there.

I recorded short (around 6 min of gameplay) video with small part of Stage 1 in order to illustrate current progress of the implementation, it’s here, on Vimeo (NSFW, and yeah, sorry for low video quality – Vimeo doesn’t give much space to store video – and I know that I have to improve struggle mechanics somehow, still wonder how it could be done with minimum animations):

I almost finished level design of the 1st stage and there is some prepared art for 2nd stage, but I would like to add details to stage 2 decorations and then start level design of 2nd level and focus on remaking and adding more hentai scenes. Also I managed to fix almost all things that I mentioned in the first post, except platform edge problem, it seems that it doesn’t affect gameplay much, maybe I’ll just leave it there as it is. I don’t know anything about the deadlines for a demo, it can be 1/2/3/etc. months, just too afraid to say anything about that, it depends on the workload at my main job.

The communication seems to save any game creator from depression, so I guess that I have to write some stuff about development progress each month or two, maybe it will help to do what I planned to, after all, I have lots of ideas for hentai games and the next one will be done with Unity, but probably with other technology for animation (skeletal 2D animation) instead of plain 2D sprites, so it will be visually closer to Kooonsoft games or the games from MenZ or Dr. Linch project.

Thanks for everyone who is still interested in this free remake, I’ll do as much as I can in order to not disappoint you.


P.S. It seems that remake will need some soundtracks, what do you think? The game is more intense than original one, what kind of music will it fit, some sci-fi action theme? Or maybe we don’t need any music at all (it’s difficult to find even beginner composer who’s willing to give some free music for hentai game, I guess, but it’s possible).

First post and tech demo



Hi guys!

I’m really happy to announce finally that this project was approved by Grimhelm ( ) and I can post updates here, on this blog (Grim, thanks a lot!). So what is it all about?
Black Star is non-commercial remake of Grimhelm‘s game Dark Star:


but it contains and features a little bit different gameplay mechanics, as well as some modifications to original files and some new ones. It’s made with Unity3D engine (current version used for build is 5.1.1) – original game was made using Unity 4, as far as I understand. I’m doing all code and systems from scratch using my own design, also I would like to note that it’s the first time when I make 2D platformer, my previous Unity games from my day jobs were from different genres, so this project is interesting for me not only because of being hentai game, but from professional perspective, too (it gives an opportunity to try some Unity functionality that is not used at my main projects).
Current tech demo contains simple test level where I test functionality of some in-game objects which I’d like to expand further in other game levels, so feel free to try it out here:


Known glitches:

  • Problem with platform edges ( I’m working on it)
  • Very rare land enemy AI collision ignoring during attack state



And other stuff

Plans for future version (it’s ambitious, but I want to achieve at least something from them):

  • Add detailed cumshot simulation using particle 2D collisions. The latest Unity version (5.3.4) supports that, but it is not stable enough to make good build, I’ll have to wait a little bit until they finally fix their internal bugs and make some version that will be worth to use;
  • Add more enemies from original game with different group combinations;
  • Make some interesting functionality for the fifth weapon (triangles) – my initial idea was to make them act as boomerangs, but I’m still confused, maybe I should try something else;
  • Dash would be nice idea for additional player movement, but my implementation will be different from Dungeon&Maid a little bit, I didn’t like how it reacted on side keys pressing there;
  • More powerups – creating powerup ideas is always tricky thing, so I’m open to additional ideas here, too;
  • There should be definitely more decorations in the level, but their meaning should be connected with game plot, so that leaves me with lots of options because the plot itself is not written at the moment.

P.S. I’m aware of the lack of the frames in the sprites of original game, but I’m not good as artist, so I can’t fix that at the current moment. Also I’m sorry for my English in advance ( it’s not my native language ).

Looking forward to your feedback and thoughts, thanks!

H-game development and other stuff

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