First post and tech demo



Hi guys!

I’m really happy to announce finally that this project was approved by Grimhelm ( ) and I can post updates here, on this blog (Grim, thanks a lot!). So what is it all about?
Black Star is non-commercial remake of Grimhelm‘s game Dark Star:


but it contains and features a little bit different gameplay mechanics, as well as some modifications to original files and some new ones. It’s made with Unity3D engine (current version used for build is 5.1.1) – original game was made using Unity 4, as far as I understand. I’m doing all code and systems from scratch using my own design, also I would like to note that it’s the first time when I make 2D platformer, my previous Unity games from my day jobs were from different genres, so this project is interesting for me not only because of being hentai game, but from professional perspective, too (it gives an opportunity to try some Unity functionality that is not used at my main projects).
Current tech demo contains simple test level where I test functionality of some in-game objects which I’d like to expand further in other game levels, so feel free to try it out here:


Known glitches:

  • Problem with platform edges ( I’m working on it)
  • Very rare land enemy AI collision ignoring during attack state



And other stuff

Plans for future version (it’s ambitious, but I want to achieve at least something from them):

  • Add detailed cumshot simulation using particle 2D collisions. The latest Unity version (5.3.4) supports that, but it is not stable enough to make good build, I’ll have to wait a little bit until they finally fix their internal bugs and make some version that will be worth to use;
  • Add more enemies from original game with different group combinations;
  • Make some interesting functionality for the fifth weapon (triangles) – my initial idea was to make them act as boomerangs, but I’m still confused, maybe I should try something else;
  • Dash would be nice idea for additional player movement, but my implementation will be different from Dungeon&Maid a little bit, I didn’t like how it reacted on side keys pressing there;
  • More powerups – creating powerup ideas is always tricky thing, so I’m open to additional ideas here, too;
  • There should be definitely more decorations in the level, but their meaning should be connected with game plot, so that leaves me with lots of options because the plot itself is not written at the moment.

P.S. I’m aware of the lack of the frames in the sprites of original game, but I’m not good as artist, so I can’t fix that at the current moment. Also I’m sorry for my English in advance ( it’s not my native language ).

Looking forward to your feedback and thoughts, thanks!