The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close up

Hi guys! There was a number of complaints after BlackStar v 0.28 was published, so I made new version with a number of bugfixes.

Version 0.29 is available here

Bugfix list:

  • Camera size was changed, you can switch it by using “Zoom” button, just as before. It really helps to perceive the game better, as well as to orient inside the level;
  • The number of enemies depends on difficulty level now. “Hard” difficulty contains the same number of enemies as ver. 0.28, “Medium” contains less traps and no large hordes of enemies, “Easy” mode will get you almost lonely, but maybe someone likes that, too. Remember that “Hard” mode means more damage from enemies, too.
  • Twice more checkpoints are done for Stage 1;
  • Added some direction arrows for Stage 1, though after changing camera size it’s much easier to understand where you are in the level now;
  • Dash can be performed in mid-air now;
  • Jumping has 2 different heights as it was planned (I like Quake 3 style jumping tricks, sorry), but it is much more stable and easy now than it was in ver. 0.28, there was some small physics bug in the code that made it unstable before;
  • Late trigger of force field after sex in Nympho mode was planned, but it irritated some players, so I removed that feature, because it created stun-lock too often;
  • If you don’t want to lose clothes after sex then it can be switched off in settings menu;
  • I didn’t manage to remove all problems with platforms’ edges collisions, but I remade colliders for all platforms/landscape into other shape and it occurs less often than it was in ver. 0.28.
  • If you stand on moving platform and then sex scene is triggered then it will be attached to the platform as it should be.


A friend of mine, Dr. Linch, released public beta of his project , if you like dark atmosphere and some detailed plot – it’s worth to check out, it still has some bugs, but great potential is definitely hidden there 🙂

P.S. There is frequent question why we can’t make sex animations with partly present clothing for Black Star. The answer is simple – Black Star contains about 1-2 hundred of sex scenes frames in total, so all of them have to be duplicated and hand-drawn for each missing clothing item (in other words, multiply it by 2 at least – missing skirt and missing blouse variants, for example). It’s too large job for us right now and we have other priorities such as our new project.


4 thoughts on “The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close up”

  1. so in other words its easier to start from scratch lol. good thing you’re starting your own game, now you’ll have freedom… FREEDOM!!! 😛


  2. I’m very happy you have made this readaptation. The girl is so sexy ! I think the only thing missing is more zoom. I think player would really love to see hermore closely ! Great work ! We’ll be following you !


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