The King is dead, long live The King!

Hey guys, long time no see 🙂



So what happened since last post? Well, lots of stuff, good or bad – it’s difficult to say, so I will write it as point list.


  1. Rule63MePlz is my partner-artist now. We both still learn lots of stuff and he made huge contribution to Black Star and if I’d found him earlier then maybe the project looked even better than it looks now. Almost all Stage 2 assets were made or remade from scratch by him as well as lots of bullets effects and other stuff;
  2. BlackStar v028 demo is here
  3. It contains 2 stages and gallery/arena which is unlocked after you complete 2 stages. Arena is game mode that looks like Gears of War “Horde” mode with waves of enemies, also there are some monster types in Arena that were planned to appear in the next stages of the game, but they were placed to Arena, too. No hentai gameover CGs, sorry, spent lots of time on learning, but my level is still too low to put it into the actual game;
  4. Grimhelm is suddenly making new game. I don’t know what was the reason for him to wake up after these years, maybe this remake project, who knows xD Anyway, this fact changes a lot and I will explain why a little bit later in this post;


My initial plan was to make 2 stages demo, wait for feedback and then finish other 2-3 stages or the remake. The fact that Grimhelm is back and makes new game (which is probably in sci-fi setting and may feature the girl with probably the same type) makes the purpose of my work quite questionable now. Rule63MePlz and I both had some serious concerns about technical limitations that were put on us when we started using sprites from Dark Star and other old patch for it, as well as other things were changed, too.


We decided that we have to make our own new project from scratch, I don’t want to reveal much information about it until we finish public demo of it and show it to everybody, but for now I can tell for sure the following:

  1. It features other type of graphics and animations, I want to experiment with bone-based 2D animations and make the project well-animated. I watched tons of sprite-based hentai games with poorly-done animation last 2 years and it’s a pity to make the same mistake if you feel that you can’t deliver good quality using such animation type;
  2. The universe of the project is different from Black Star and it is written with more details than BS;
  3. The only thing from BS that this project will inherit is some small sub-systems code that performed well in Black Star – blood/cum effects system, some new-created bullet types, maybe resistance mechanics. Player controls and land-based enemies system will be remade from scratch, because even after countless nights of debugging there are still some minor bugs there and also gameplay focus is different;
  4. The genre of the project is platformer, but it has different gameplay mechanics than Black Star, as well as we make different graphics/sounds in order to avoid any copyright drama and because the project is totally different, too, of course.


What will happen to Black Star? Well, it will remain updated on this blog and we’ll make some small periodical bugfixes or maybe enhancements to Arena mode if we have some spare time apart of the main project, but no new content for its story, sorry. I wish Grimhelm good luck with his new game and I think that it will be more awesome than his previous 2 games, as well as any feedback for Black Star may be possibly taken into consideration by him if he reads my blog or ULMF thread, I hope.


5 thoughts on “The King is dead, long live The King!”

  1. Will you be starting a new blog for your game or just altering this one. If you are going to start using a program for bone structure in animation I would recommend Spine ( I’ve seen it in action and it seems amazing, so it might be a good choice 🙂


    1. The blog remains the same (though we’ll remake logos a little bit), there just will be separate updates to both projects divided into separate posts here. I’ve heard about Spine, it has cool features and it is reserve option for us if something goes wrong, we plan to use Anima2D as main plugin (!/content/79840 ), this plugin for bone-based 2D animation is officially supported by Unity ( ) and there is some possibility that they will integrate it into Unity directly in the future, so it’s good option for further perspective (its feature list is quite impressive as Spine’s: )


      1. Hmm indeed that would seem the better option, I was unaware of this one, but this is good to know. And I hope it does get integrated into unity that would make it much easier to work with.


  2. The demo overall is good except for the junmping system, it’s is a biggest pain,
    I hope you add more outfit , an option to turn on/off for outfit disappear when get rape


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