First post and tech demo



Hi guys!

I’m really happy to announce finally that this project was approved by Grimhelm ( ) and I can post updates here, on this blog (Grim, thanks a lot!). So what is it all about?
Black Star is non-commercial remake of Grimhelm‘s game Dark Star:


but it contains and features a little bit different gameplay mechanics, as well as some modifications to original files and some new ones. It’s made with Unity3D engine (current version used for build is 5.1.1) – original game was made using Unity 4, as far as I understand. I’m doing all code and systems from scratch using my own design, also I would like to note that it’s the first time when I make 2D platformer, my previous Unity games from my day jobs were from different genres, so this project is interesting for me not only because of being hentai game, but from professional perspective, too (it gives an opportunity to try some Unity functionality that is not used at my main projects).
Current tech demo contains simple test level where I test functionality of some in-game objects which I’d like to expand further in other game levels, so feel free to try it out here:


Known glitches:

  • Problem with platform edges ( I’m working on it)
  • Very rare land enemy AI collision ignoring during attack state



And other stuff

Plans for future version (it’s ambitious, but I want to achieve at least something from them):

  • Add detailed cumshot simulation using particle 2D collisions. The latest Unity version (5.3.4) supports that, but it is not stable enough to make good build, I’ll have to wait a little bit until they finally fix their internal bugs and make some version that will be worth to use;
  • Add more enemies from original game with different group combinations;
  • Make some interesting functionality for the fifth weapon (triangles) – my initial idea was to make them act as boomerangs, but I’m still confused, maybe I should try something else;
  • Dash would be nice idea for additional player movement, but my implementation will be different from Dungeon&Maid a little bit, I didn’t like how it reacted on side keys pressing there;
  • More powerups – creating powerup ideas is always tricky thing, so I’m open to additional ideas here, too;
  • There should be definitely more decorations in the level, but their meaning should be connected with game plot, so that leaves me with lots of options because the plot itself is not written at the moment.

P.S. I’m aware of the lack of the frames in the sprites of original game, but I’m not good as artist, so I can’t fix that at the current moment. Also I’m sorry for my English in advance ( it’s not my native language ).

Looking forward to your feedback and thoughts, thanks!

5 thoughts on “First post and tech demo”

  1. This look very promising. Why don’t you offer your cooperation with grimhelm to produce darkstar 2 or help you out with this project. I mean i want dark star 2 and this look like it.


    1. When I played with some resources from Dark Star first time, I didn’t have any detailed plans how to redo it as remake or next game version. I would be glad to see any cooperation from Grimhelm now (it’s a pity that I still don’t have any other direct contact with him except his blog), but I guess it would be wiser for me to finish this remake as soon as possible in order to prove it to myself that it’s real to finish H-game and then think about something more complicated and with more strict deadlines. There are lots of H-games that are still in development, but in reality it’s frozen and I don’t want this project become like those ones:)


  2. well, i hope you haven’t abandoned this project yet. Dark star is certainly one of the best h-game and i’m sure your remake can be even better!


    1. Well, I didn’t abandon the project:) After technical demo release there was some IRL stuff that kept me busy for more than 2 months, but I returned to the development of this game after that and I’ll publish new post with some pics and more detailed description of what’s going on soon. Stay tuned for more updates:)


  3. Hello there. I have to say that I am really glad that someone is working at this game. I have enjoyed the original quite much and I keep playing it from time to time. Though, as the game is nowhere near hard enough I have created some scenarios for myself, to make it more interesting. However I am able to beat the game with the first gun so overall it is to easy. I also think that the rape punishment is not well thought out. In the first stages it is too easy to break free and in the stage where endless enemies spawn on this glider like thing, you loose to many hp from being caught so that you cannot really enjoy the animation.

    I have sent you some ideas via a forum where you have first posted this but I feel free to share them here:

    – For punishment see Shinobi Girl, there is an interesting concept there.
    – Creature Cum and Heroine Cum should have seperate bars and after effects.
    – Game over mode shouldn´t fade out the screen, zoom in, show us the action and spawn more and random enemies to take her.
    – Maybe the clothing should have a more protective effect? (I have seen that you have seperate icons in your tech demo, for health and clothing.
    – Seeding and Egging, we absolutely need this 🙂
    -> Some creatures lay eggs (plants, those flying things, the crawling suckers, others seed them (The big ones, the flying ones with two penises, maybe the flying plants.)
    -> This should have effects (I mean, having ten or so eggs inside must be embarassing?, Having ten seeded eggs may lead to breeding monsters, assaulting the heroine again?, I think this needs to be a bit random and based on how many eggs are seeded, like in real life.)
    – X-Rays should be optional (like in the options menu), seeding, egging and breeding too (not everyone is into it).
    – We need this hellhound from this hentai movie called Hell Knight Ingrid, maybe as a boss fight?

    – Assaults must be handled differently
    -> Seriously? A nowhere near wet pussy gets invaded like butter?
    -> Rather change the animation: The first cock (there are suckers out there :-)) to enter her should have its problems in doing so. Maybe there should be an animation before the rape, where you are able to struggle free and the cock slowly tears her open? When you are unable to prevent it, the struggle free bar should lose some of its bar, making it harder to get free. The creature slowly impales her, making her wet (which one should be able to see), again lowering your struggle free bar. I think the first cock monster shouldn´t be able to make her orgasm, but rather just plant its seed. If the heroine gets attacked by a sucker or a tongue monster however, she should get wet rather fast, wherefore it should be harder to struggle free. You know what I mean? The animation for penetrating her afterwards (the slow one) shall go away as soon as she is wet. It shouldn´t be possible to well… unwet her througout the stage though. Once she´s wet, she´s wet, like in real life. Struggling free must be harder than in the base game, the more the animation lasts, the harder it shall be. (Not too hard) Getting taken more often has to make it harder each time she gets taken. An orgasm (more later) resets this issue.

    – Health and Lust must be seperate and handled seperately.
    – Lust:
    -> The lust meter fills fast when someone sucks or licks her pussy.
    -> The lust meter fills moderately when she is extraordinary wet and is about to come.
    -> The lust meter fills kind of medium when she is penetrated for some time and wet.
    -> The lust meter fills slowly when she is wet and gets penetrated the first time.
    -> The lust meter fills really slowly when she is not wet and penetrated.
    -> Being not wet means that she has to get penetrated (let´s call it impaled) for quite some time or she has to be prepared by a sucker. (Maybe cou can circumvent this with clever creature placement, then you don´t have to program to much stuff on your own?)
    -> Instead of Loosing health, the creatures attacks (the balls or whatever they are throwing at her) should raise her lust meter. The animation could be changed, they could throw some kind of sticky ooze at her, like lubricant or so. Maybe this can lead to those small slugs from the original Darkstar to being able to penetrate her, and without lubricant they can´t?

    -> As said, health shouldn´t deplete by being attacked. They don´t want to kill her right?
    -> Health should deplete just before the orgasm (we want to have herself a sexodus).
    -> She should have enough health to get fucked at least ten full orgasms. Then she goes unconscious.

    -> When she orgasms, she is helpless for the next attack (I think this has to be, and this is better in the original, as a woman is helpless after an orgasm, my wife loves it, when I take advantage of that, it makes her orgasm again.), and she cannot struggle free in the first part of the animation, filling her orgasm meter a tenth or so (ten orgasms right?)
    -> On her second orgasm, she can´t struggle free until the second part of the animation. And so on and so forth. This will lead to getting insemiated and egged after an orgasm in the wrong spot.

    Creatures Orgasms:
    -> A creature orgasm frees the woman, she doesn´t necessarily has to cum on her own. This makes her invincible for some seconds to break free of dangerous situations.

    Getting successfully egged and seeded:
    -> Having an orgasm while being seeded should double the chance to give birth.
    -> Giving birth leads to another rape scene if there are creatures nearby and lowers the orgasm meter (This can´t be good right?).

    Game over
    -> Giving birth for three times turns her into a breeder
    -> Getting ten orgasms makes her a sex slave

    I have shitload full of ideas but no creativity to draw or program, sorry.


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